The Alpha Montessori School, located in Mandawali, an impoverished community in East Delhi, India, was founded to provide high quality education to low-income children and provide them the skills to move beyond the rigid limitations of social class. Without such an education, these children would be condemned to living and working in the same low wage, back-breaking jobs of their parents.

The goals of the Alpha Montessori School include:

• Educating children in the basic subjects of Math, Science, technology, communication skills, and the arts

• Mastering the Hindi language as well as English

• Promoting students’ awareness of hygiene, discipline, morality, respect, courage, truth, and equality in their and their families' lives

• Providing a parent education component to assist families in developing skills and traits to support the children’s education and the family welfare

We presently educate children ages 3 to 14 using the Montessori Method, an exceptionally effective system to educate children of this community. The children engage quickly and deeply in their studies and develop citizenship skills at a level rarely seen in any school. In addition, we conduct parent meetings and provide students annual medical check-ups with health professionals. Our years with this educational work has shown us positive results. There is no other group conducting this kind of work in community.


• To transform the lives of the children and families, of Mandawali, New Dehli, India, through education that teaches clear and creative thinking to, makes possible intelligent informed choices,

• To instill respect for self and others, develop leadership skills, individual responsibility to society.

• To bring high quality education, appropriately suited to the needs of the children and their culture, so they become valued and useful members of society not used and discarded.

IGNITE is a non-profit foundation to support the Alpha Montessori School, a project of Adhyatmic Vikas Shiksha Sanstha, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in India.

Need for IGNITE

There is a need for schools in poor communities of India and other countries to provide high quality education.


With the increase of the middle class, children of low-income families face difficulty competing with students receiving the higher level of education provided in private schools that the middle class and wealthier families can afford.

Government sponsored and funded public schools, though free, are inadequate in educating their students and reversing the downward spiral of their class and living conditions. These schools depend heavily on rote memorization and teaching to the tests.

The Alpha Montessori School seeks to lift the lives and futures of socially low and impoverished children through education, enrichment and opportunity.