A New Beginning ...

We now are into the 4th amazing year of Montessori Education in our school. This has been the year of many changes. The school no longer has two different educational systems running side by side, Montessori as well as the traditional system.

The 2nd to 5th grade classes in the traditional educational system have been discontinued, and the school is now teaching only the Montessori method of education (Nursery and Kindergarten levels)

This has brought a peaceful atmosphere to the school. The students are happy and are concentrating very well in their work. In addition, the language classes have expanded with the children learning both Hindi and English.

In 2009, Michelle Drake, an American Montessori teacher, a graduate of Maria Montessori, San Diego, volunteered her time at the school in July and December. Her commitment to working long hours in very poor conditions in the hottest July month of India's summer and in the cold December winter month was admirable. Her compassion, understanding, patience and hard work put teachers at ease. Our non-English speaking teachers, who were at first hesitant, shy and unable to understand her, opened up quickly to her. She brought order to the curriculum for the Nursery and Kindergarten levels and also launched the Elementary program at a beginning level. Under her guidance, the teachers received training in better organizing their classrooms and managing them effectively. She brought a great deal of clarity and gave strength to the academic program.

We are all thankful for her gift of time, caring, and knowledge and hope to see her back in India again soon!

Best Wishes and Regards,

Amita Bardwick, Founder,
Alpha Montessori School

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ToorCon Foundation Donates Computers

Six laptop computers were donated to Alpha Montessori School by the ToorCon Foundation of San Diego, California, and Seattle, Washington.

Proceeds from an auction held at the 10th annual ToorCon Information Security Conference in San Diego were used to purchase the six refurbished laptops. They were refurbished by Project eCycle of Mountain View, California.

Our students learn Hindi and English via the Rosetta Stone Language Program on the laptops.