Class of 2015
Alpha School's First Graduation

It is truly a time of celebration. Our first graduates are a group of nine bright, motivated, hard working students. Among their accomplishments, these children successfully passed equivalency tests, measuring their skills and knowledge, equivalent to what they would need to pass in order to proceed to the next level in the public school system.

Congratulations, Graduates! Our thoughts and wishes are with you, always!

Priya M.
Priya J.

Please see graduation video below:


Alpha School launches Ada's Technology Lab!
Another dream come true!

Since December 2013, Ms. Vel Hulton, a Montessori computer teacher, has been journeying to Alpha School from America to provide computer education.

Thus far, Ms. Hulton has made four trips to the school, in March and November, 2014 and 2015, one month each time. She has founded Ada's Technology Lab at Alpha, named after the world's first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace. The lab, and the technology program, are supported by ToorCon Foundation and Ada's Technical Bookstore, both of Seattle, Washington, USA.

Under her guidance, the children (ages 8-12) have been learning and practicing touch-typing, word processing, and drawing skills. Basic programming has been introduced, as well as organizational skills, and fundamental parts of electronic circuits (power source, wiring path, resistance, and switch).

The students are applying their learning and practicing new skills through a number of engaging projects and activities. They have created slide shows on such topics as Birds, Mammals, Famous Computer Scientists, their communities, and their Alpha Montessori School. They’ve made greeting cards for their families, using conductive paint and LEDs. Other learning activities include: assembling simple circuits using snap connectors, and making bracelets for themselves out of conductive thread and LEDs.

They are excited to have every minute possible in the computer lab and are learning with lightning speed. In spite of a gap in English and technical languages, the children love their teacher and enjoy their partnership with her.

We are grateful to Ms. Vel Hulton for her expertise, time, and love. Our heartfelt thanks, also, to ToorCon foundation and Ada's Technical Bookstore for their generous support.

Please see the students' work here.

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News from the Founder: First Graduation!

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2013 - Alpha School Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!


The School takes shape! Starting in the 2015 Indian Summer break (May), Alpha School has been alive with a great deal of work to renew and improve our learning spaces. The classrooms, library, and art room are being repainted; and sections of cement floor will be tiled. The art room is being given a large, new bulletin board for the students to showcase their creations. Our library room continues to be shaped. The plan includes updated bookshelves, carpet, and pillows for seating. Colorful textiles will embellish the library walls.

As the students and staff return to school, they are excited to see how the environment shines. It welcomes them, anew, to the inspiring and empowering new worlds of learning they will travel, here in these spaces.

Since 2010, the 4th and 5th grade students at Maria Montessori School in San Diego, California, have held fund-raising events every year to support their sister school, Alpha Montessori.

The children sell home-made cookies and jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets, donated by parents and teachers. They have raised and donated:

• 2010 - $900
• 2011 - $2327
• 2012 - $3000
• 2013 - $3050
• 2014 - $3343
• 2015 - $4076
• 2016 - $3825

The funds have been used by Alpha School to sponsor children, buy furniture, cabinets and books for the elementary classroom, transportation for the teachers and contribution toward the construction of roof top garden. We are thrilled and grateful to these children for their contribution and hard work.

On behalf of our children half way around the world, our sincerest thanks to these generous San Diego children, their parents, and the staff of Maria Montessori School.

Thank you very much!

Amita Bardwick, Ph.D.
Founder, Director, CEO