Children's Rooftop Garden Oasis:
A Dream Coming True


To friends and supporters, near and far, who shared our dream of creating a rooftop garden for the children of Alpha Montessori School…we are seeing the dream come alive. Formerly a barren, unusable space, the school rooftop has been transformed. Now it is full of plants and the energy of children, who’ve claimed the garden with joy.

As we prepared for a garden inauguration in late September, 2014, the school family went into high gear. Imagine loads of plant soil being transported through near impassable streets and dumped onto the ground floor foyer.  The girls filled small buckets with soil, while boys carried the buckets to the fourth floor rooftop.  Their energy and ownership for launching the garden was boundless! 

The opening ceremony provided students the opportunity to begin creating theatre-dance performances. Their complete commitment to the creative process was inspiring. As we had hoped, the physical space supported this work beautifully. 

Now our children can be outside in sunshine and open air. Each child painted a pot, planted veggie seeds, and tends them with great care. They are forming relationships with nature and experiencing beauty like never before…the magic of a butterfly, the sweet scents of flowers. The benefits are truly life changing.

The garden is still a work in process.  A number of elements will be completed as funds become available. We’re almost there.  It is because many people shared the dream and joined our effort by making direct donations of money, participating in fund raising events, giving gifts of time and expertise, donations of plants and pots, etc.  

Please share in our celebration of a dream coming true!

With gratitude,
Amita Bardwick, Ph. D. 

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Rooftop garden features, include:

• Lots of potted plants! Ficus trees, palms, succulents, periwinkle, roses, and butterfly- attracting varieties.
• Water source for tending the plants. 
• Metal shade trellis to be covered with a year-round, flowering vine.
• Small classroom with sliding glass doors, open to the garden, supporting theatre-dance.
•Tile covered pathway and children’s plant tending area. 
• Bench seating for small group lessons, art/drawing, quiet conversation, enjoying the sky.
• Open area of floor space will be covered with artificial turf as funds become available. 

A special thanks goes to American Welcome Association (AWA) for their generous donation of $2000 toward the development of Roof top garden and to the Inner Wheel Club of Noida for their donation of 30 pots and 30 ficus trees. The funds helped tremendously in the construction of the garden and the hardy ficus trees are perfect for providing a screen and shade for our setting.

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Since 2010, the 4th and 5th grade students at Maria Montessori School in San Diego, California, have held fund-raising events every year to support their sister school, Alpha Montessori.

The children sell home-made cookies and jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets, donated by parents and teachers. They have raised and donated:

• 2010 - $900
• 2011 - $2327
• 2012 - $3000
• 2013 - $3050
• 2014 - $3343

The funds have been used by Alpha School to sponsor children, buy furniture, cabinets and books for the elementary classroom, transportation for the teachers and contribution toward the construction of roof top garden. We are thrilled and grateful to these children for their contribution and hard work.

On behalf of our children half way around the world, our sincerest thanks to these generous San Diego children, their parents, and the staff of Maria Montessori School.

Thank you very much!

Amita Bardwick, Ph.D.
Founder, Director, CFO