Alpha Montessori School in 2019

We're delighted with the transformations of Alpha School. Each change has enriched the environment of learning for our amazing students.

We have recently made this amazing video of the school in 2019 - you can enjoy it below or by clicking here (long version): or here (short version)

Alpha School, Fresh and Beautiful!

Alpha school has a whole new look and feel. During this past year, we’ve had months of construction and building repairs, the painting of classroom walls and shelves, and the installation of new carpeting. All the classrooms are revived. There is a new energy in the school. The children and teachers are loving the changes and want to spend time there, even more than before. In order to keep this environment of clean and spotless classrooms, the children and staff are extremely conscientious. The children have developed a new regimen of taking their shoes off and storing them gracefully before entering the classroom.

Please watch the sweet video below:

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New Door Signs

Another wonderful improvement in our school is the ten new signs on the doors, all wood with laser cut Montessori symbols pertinent to each learning space. The process began with Ms. Vel Hulton, the founder of our computer lab, making a sign for the lab, after which she suggested each of other rooms be given signs. The teachers collaborated in suggesting the symbols, and a collective decision was made for each sign.
A special thanks to Alex Hughes for his contribution and design work; to Maria Montessori Elementary School, Ada's Technical Books, and Meka Stathis, for their contributions; and to Vel Hulton, for facilitating the project. We thank you all for your expertise, generosity, time, and love.


The Rooftop Garden

The roof garden continues to thrive. It is a place of joy for these children. They love learning how to garden, growing vegetables from seeds and observing insects and plant growth. It’s a delightful experience for them everyday! Thank you, again, for your support in creating this wonderful space, and for making this beautiful, loving school happen.

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Our School Library

We are currently working on our library. The selection of books is growing. The children routinely check out library books, in response to their ever increasing knowledge from their classroom learning. Their wide ranging interests are reflected in what they check out, from literature and science to general knowledge. This free range of interests is generally not practiced or encouraged in this culture, much less in this community. It is a great pleasure to see how their interest in learning is mirrored as the children use our library!

Since 2010, the 4th and 5th grade students at Maria Montessori School in San Diego, California, have held fund-raising events every year to support their sister school, Alpha Montessori.

The children sell home-made cookies and jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets, donated by parents and teachers. They have raised and donated:

• 2010 - $900
• 2011 - $2327
• 2012 - $3000
• 2013 - $3050
• 2014 - $3343
• 2015 - $4076
• 2016 - $3825
• 2017 - $3086
• 2018 - $2821
• 2019 - $4345

The funds have been used by Alpha School to sponsor children, buy furniture, cabinets and books for the elementary classroom, transportation for the teachers and contribution toward the construction of roof top garden. We are thrilled and grateful to these children for their contribution and hard work.

On behalf of our children half way around the world, our sincerest thanks to these generous San Diego children, their parents, and the staff of Maria Montessori School.

Thank you very much!

Amita Bardwick, Ph.D.
Founder, Director, CEO

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