Alpha Montessori School Welcomes Sam Drake
Spring 2010

Sam Drake with Students

In our last report we covered "A New Beginning - Michelle Drake Teacher Trainer". This spring, her son Sam, a Montessori 6th grade graduate from MME and a soon to be Eagle Scout, spent three weeks with us in India in June/July.

His desire to have an experience of a different culture, to deliver the Eagle project he had been working on for that school, and to see the children of the school in Delhi, took him to India in the hottest and most uncomfortable time of the year.

His patience for being in an unfamiliar environment was remarkable. It is something one would not expect from a young person of his age coming from America. Sam gave group English Conversation lessons, tested the children's level of English understanding at an individual level, and gave Math lessons. What a great opportunity for the children of the school to meet someone so different from them, to get to know each other and to learn from one another. Thank you, Sam, for giving those children an opportunity to expand their horizon!

Michelle Drake with Teacher

Sam accompanied his mother, Michelle Drake. This was her third trip to India in one year. Michelle has become so valuable and cared for, she seems like regular staff at the school. She understands the culture, and her love and compassion for the teachers makes them at ease, so they feel free to venture into new territory. They are attempting to communicate with Michelle, speaking in English! One of the teachers has started to speak in English regularly, something extremely unusual to happen in that community. We are grateful to have Michelle as a part of our team. We know that this is the beginning of a very long relationship. There is so much for all of us to learn from each other.

Best Wishes and Regards,

Amita Bardwick, Founder,
Alpha Montessori School

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AMS StudentsMaria Montessori School Fundraiser - June 2010
            MMS Logo

The 4th and 5th grade students at Maria Montessori School in San Diego, California, held a fund  raising event in June 2010 to support their sister school, Alpha Montessori School.

The children sold cookies which they brought from home and jewelry, such as earrings,
necklaces and bracelets, which were donated by parents and teachers. The cookies and jewelry were sold during lunch time and after school. The customers were other MMS students, their families, and teachers.

The 4th and 5th grade students raised $900, which pays for the tuition, books, supplies and uniforms for three Alpha children for the 2010-2011 school year! We are thrilled for AMS students and especially proud of the 4th and 5th graders of Maria Montessori School for their contribution and hard work on behalf of children half way around the world..

Thank you so much!

Amita Bardwick,
Alpha Montessori School

Amita Bardwick Receives Educator Award
                     Ed Leadership Award
                       Ed Leadership Award

We are pleased to announce Amita Bardwick has received the 2010 EDUCATION INNOVATOR AWARD by the Ed Leadership Roundtable. Striving for excellence in education is a challenging pursuit. The Education  Innovater Award recognizes excellence in the educational community. Learn more!

To view the award letter and certificate, please click the thumbnail images.



   ToorCon Foundation Donates Computers            

Six laptop computers were donated to Alpha Montessori School by the ToorCon Foundation of San Diego, California, and Seattle, Washington.


Proceeds from an auction held at the 10th annual ToorCon Information Security Conference in San Diego were used to purchase the six refurbished laptops. They were refurbished by Project eCycle of Mountain View, California.


Our students learn Hindi and English via the Rosetta Stone Language Program on the laptops.