All donations are gratefully appreciated and welcomed!

The Alpha School serves the poorest of poor families in the Mandawali section of New Delhi.  To continue to do so, we need the generous support of many.  100% of all funds and contributions go to directly to the Alpha School; all administration and fund-raising are done by volunteers.  



$30 for a month or $360 for a year for Primary children

$50 for a month or $600 for a year for Elementary children
The school tuition for the Alpha School is approximately US $100 per student (or $15 a month) for classroom materials and a school uniform; however only 13% of our students’ families are able to pay this. We provide scholarships to 87% of our students who would not be educated otherwise.  The REAL cost for each student is actually about $360 per student for Primary children and $600 per student for Elementary children, which is underwritten by the generous donations of many from the US, India, Australia, and other countries.

$1500 for a year per graduate
Since last year the school has been providing scholarships to the graduates to go to private schools for their further education.


$50 per day for 60 children for School lunches
Through the school lunch program we can assure that children get one complete wholesome meal each day.

Field Trips: 

$250 per trip for Field Trips
Field trips to museums, cultural events, and historical monuments would increase their awareness of their own culture, art, science, and beauty, and provide them a wider perspective of the world. to nature preserve or museums for all children.

Computer Education: 

Laptop Computers: $500 each
Introducing children to technology and accelerating their learning is the one of goals of the Alpha School.  This is essential for individualization of instruction, particularly with language learning.

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IGNITE: A Foundation for Learning
241 S. Cedros Ave.
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IGNITE: A Foundation for Learning

Who We Are

To provide education to the underprivileged children in a developing nation is a challenging, multidimensional project. It requires funds and resources, as well as individuals who see the need for this type of work, who step beyond the familiar, work together, and are committed to building a better world.

Below is a list of some of the volunteers, whose vision, work, and joint effort gave shape to the birth and development of Alpha Montessori School and to the creation of IGNITE - A Foundation for Learning; a non-profit foundation, created to fund Alpha Montessori School.

If this project touches you, we invite you to join us in giving life, future, and a world of possibilities to the less fortunate children and families around the world, starting in this one community. Alpha Montessori School and its students need and deserve your support. They and we appreciate your contributions and your in-kind gifts.

All donations are tax deductible by citizens and residents of the United States of America. IGNITE is a 501(c)3 foundation in the United States.

We Invite You to Join Us

Amita Bardwick, Ph.D.
Executive Director, CFO, David Alan Collection, Solana Beach, CA

David Bardwick
CFO and CEO David Alan Collection, Solana Beach, CA

Vel Hulton
Former Computer Teacher, Maria Montessori Schools Computer Lab, San Diego, CA
& Member, Ada's Technical Bookstore, Seattle, WA

LoAnn Jundt
Executive Director, Montessori Center for Teacher Education, San Diego, CA

Reyhan Gumustekin
Bernini's Bistro, La Jolla, CA

David Hulton
President, ToorCon Foundation, Seattle, WA
& Partner, Ada's Technical Bookstore, Seattle, WA

Danielle Hulton
Owner, Ada's Technical Bookstore, Seattle, WA

Tim Huynh
Vice President, ToorCon Foundation, San Diego, CA

Ankit Grover
Sr. Software Engineer, San Diego, CA

Domenico Yousef
Software Developer, San Diego, CA

MaryEllen O'Malley
San Diego, CA

Alpha Montessori School Team Delhi, India

Rajesh Batra
President, Adhyatmic Vikas Shiksha Sanstha

Anita Chandel
Elementary Director

Rajalakshmi Mohan
Early Childhood Director