All donations are gratefully appreciated and welcomed!

The Alpha School serves the poorest of poor families in the Mandawalli section of New Delhi.  To continue to do so, we need the generous support of many.  100% of all funds and contributions go to directly to the Alpha School; all administration and fund-raising are done by volunteers.  


Scholarships:  $25 for a month or $300 for a year
The school tuition for the Alpha School is approximately US $100 per student (or $15 a month) for classroom materials and a school uniform; however only 13% of our students’ families are able to pay this. We provide scholarships to 87% of our students who would not be educated otherwise.  The REAL cost for each student is actually about $300 per student, which is underwritten by the generous donations of many from the US, India, Australia, and other countries.

School Uniforms: $60 per child each year
Each child receives two complete sets of uniforms for the school year.

English Language Instruction: $150 a month or $1,500 a year
For a Certified English Teacher.
Both primary language instruction (Hindi) and second language instruction in conversational English are taught.  The children are often not completely fluent in their own language, yet must learn English to be able to succeed.

Laptop Computers: $300 each
Introducing children to technology and accelerating their learning is the one of goals of the Alpha School.  This is essential for individualization of instruction, particularly with language learning.

Operating Costs: $150 a month or $1,500 a year
The Alpha School’s operating costs includes teachers’ salaries, utilities, supplies, maintenance and rent.

Read more about current and future needs....  

Expansion of space: The current location of the school does not have any outdoor space for the children. Outdoor education is critical to the physical and mental growth of a child. Obtaining land to create an open space playground with grass for the children at the school requires a major gift of $300,000 US, one that would benefit the children and the community in innumerable ways.

Classroom furnishings: Other pressing needs for the school are furniture, equipment, and educational materials to furnish classrooms. Each year, as we add one more grade of Montessori teaching for the kids, we must outfit classrooms for optimum, educational results.

Library and computer room: The school needs books to supply a library for the children and teachers.

Cultural education:  The students of Alpha Montessori School need your financial support of educational field trips, as they rarely have an opportunity to leave their neighborhood. Field trips to museums, cultural events, and historical monuments would increase their awareness of their own culture, art, science, and beauty, and provide them a wider perspective of the world.

Salaries for teachers:  There is a need for funding to train an in-house teacher/trainer to provide continuing education and guidance for the staff. This will be the most cost-effective way to bring the highest level of education possible for the children. This will also free other staff and volunteers to develop the health and education programs for the families of the children and the immediate community.

Teacher education:  IGNITE asks for your funding to increase the continuing education of teachers in the Montessori method for the Nursery and Kindergarten levels. Currently, teachers are being educated by volunteers from the US. In addition, we need to appoint and train qualified teachers for the Elementary grade levels (grade 1 to grade 5). We seek your financial support to  bring extensive training to them.

Health and parent education program: Alpha Montessori School needs qualified and trained staff to provide education for its expanding programs. If we are to affect the whole community, in ways Our Mission aspires, these exciting and effective programs need to be expanded within the School and into the larger community as well.

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Brook Empey, Program Manager
241 S. Cedros Ave.
Solana Beach, CA 92075  USA

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IGNITE: A Foundation for Learning
Brook Empey, Program Manager

Who We Are

To provide education to the underprivileged children in a developing nation is a challenging, multidimensional project. It requires funds and resources, as well as individuals who see the need for this type of work, who step beyond the familiar, work together, and are committed to building a better world.

Below is a list of some of the volunteers, whose vision, work, and joint effort gave shape to the birth and development of Alpha Montessori School and to the creation of IGNITE - A Foundation for Learning; a non-profit foundation, created to fund Alpha Montessori School.

If this project touches you, we invite you to join us in giving life, future, and a world of possibilities to the less fortunate children and families around the world, starting in this one community. Alpha Montessori School and its students need and deserve your support. They and we appreciate your contributions and your in-kind gifts.

All donations are tax deductible by citizens and residents of the United States of America. IGNITE is a 501(c)3 foundation in the United States.

We Invite You to Join Us

Amita Bardwick, Ph.D.
Executive Director,
CFO, David Alan Collection, Solana Beach, CA

David Bardwick
CEO, David Alan Collection, Solana Beach, CA

Brook Empey
Program Manager, Executive Assistant,
David Alan Collection, Solana Beach, CA

Vel Hulton
Former Computer Teacher, Maria Montessori Schools Computer Lab, San Diego, CA
& Member, Ada's Technical Bookstore, Seattle, WA

LoAnn Jundt
Executive Director, Montessori Center for Teacher Education, San Diego, CA

Betty Bailey
Administrative Director, Maria Montessori Schools, San Diego, CA

Michelle Drake
Montessori Teacher, San Diego, CA

Reyhan Gumustekin
Bernini's Bistro, La Jolla, CA

David Hulton
President, ToorCon Foundation, Seattle, WA
& Partner, Ada's Technical Bookstore, Seattle, WA

Danielle Hulton
Owner, Ada's Technical Bookstore, Seattle, WA

Tim Huynh
Vice President, ToorCon Foundation, San Diego, CA

Jeff Kelley
Spitfire Productions, San Diego, CA

Ankit Grover
Sr. Software Engineer, San Francisco, CA

Domenico Yousef
Software Developer, San Diego, CA

MaryEllen O'Malley
San Diego, CA

Early Team Members

Michael Sanderson
Director, Montessori School of Raleigh, NC

Kalpu Shah
Director, Montessori School of Raleigh, NC

Jeff Stratton
Architectural Design Consultant, Bulgaria, Europe

Robert Zafran, Ph.D.
Rancho Mirage, CA

Amber Kerr
Former DAC Member & Designer, Solana Beach, CA

Bera Sekhon
San Jose, CA

Alpha Montessori School Team Delhi, India

Rajesh Batra
President, Adhyatmic Vikas Shiksha Sanstha

Anita Chandel
Elementary Director

Rajalakshmi Mohan
Early Childhood Director

Suman Grover
Inner Wheel Club of Noida, India

Scott Osborne
American Welcome Association

Mark Cowlin
Mark Cowlin Pictures