Alpha Montessori School opened in April 2003 in the poor, densely populated neighborhood of Mandawali, on the southeast side of Delhi, India. The majority of people living in this low-income community are working class poor families who make a living as daily wage earners, street vendors, auto rickshaw drivers, painters, plumbers, dairy farmers, and street sweepers. The average family has 3-4 children and earns an income of only US $500 to $800 a year.

The building which houses Alpha Montessori School was purchased at the end of 2002, and remodeled in early 2003, to make the space more user friendly for the children. The school officially opened in 2003, with only three students and grew rapidly. It currently educates 80 underprivileged students from Nursery to 1st grade, with a waiting list of students who would like to attend. There are currently seven classrooms on two stories. We plan to expand the school to a third story, to provide library space and additional classrooms to serve more children.

In 2005 the Montessori educational system was implemented in the Nursery and Kindergarten with much success. This system has proven effective for the children of this impoverished community. It is very likely this system of education will be effective for students in similar communities throughout the world. The quiet, patience, respect, care for the school environment, and interest in academic learning shown by the children, has been truly amazing. In addition, these children take home to their families and community the lessons they learn.

What people are saying...

I was very impressed with the school. I keep thinking to myself this is exactly what Maria Montessori had in mind for her Educational Philosophy. The school was an inspiration to me....
        Michael Sanderson, Montessori Teacher, Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S., April 2008

Our visit to the school was spectacular. I have never seen such calm, beautiful, focused 3-6 year olds! I was taking Kleenex out to wipe away my tears....
        Mary Ellen O'Malley, K-12 Arts Curriculum Coordinator (retired), San Diego, CA, U.S., March 2009

The school made an impact on me in so many ways. It brought me back to the reason and feeling of why I went into education forty years ago. It was truly one of the highlights of our trip....
        Bill Crane, Retired Educator, San Diego, CA, U.S., March 2009

Program Components

High quality education with Montessori curriculum is used in Nursery, Kindergarten, and 1st grade classes.

Free Medical Services are offered to children and their families. Immunizations are offered through a Government approved Polio Vaccination Center.

Summer School is offered for children and adults during vacations.

Mothers' Meetings are held regularly. These meetings provide mothers knowledge about hygiene, nutrition, body care, and guidance about their families' health, and their children's growth patterns and needs.

Parent Orientation Meetings emphasize the importance of quality education for their children. Methods that parents can use to effectively support their children's educational experience are explained, as are the other support services that are regularly offered by the school.

Alpha Montessori School 515 E, (A-347), Buddha Marg, Mandawali
Fazalpur, Delhi, India